Thierry is an appreciated dynamic, inspiring and enthusiastic speaker on retail marketing issues.

Thierry is the preferred partner of top management retail and supply organisation to development new tracks for mutual growth.

Thierry interviews customers in store and on video during their buying trip in order to enhance the scientific tracks of GFK - TNS or Nielsen

Thierry conducts brainstorming sessions on various topics which involve partnerships between retailers and manufacturers.

Thanks to a worldwide network of retail (branding) experts and designers , Thierry facilitates visits to Food, DIY and Fashion stores with involvement of local management.


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Retail Dynamics has the ambition to enable retailers and manufactures to meet each other beyond the pure purchase and negotiation issues.
Buyers keep on telling me that vendors focus too much on their ' product stories ' whilst purchasers seem only to be interested in' price & margin stories '.
Moreover, CEO' s at retail and industry level hardly meet anymore to exchange visions on the real business, strategic issues, understanding what really is going on outside the offices and the stores.
Retail Dynamics offers now a network platform with content which really creates added value: best practices worldwide in retail marketing, retail communication, retail strategy.
Join us on the international encounters and learn about new retail insights, new store concepts, new retail perspectives.
Looking forward to introduce you to this unique network.
Thank you for your trust,